101-Year-Old New York Mets Fan Rudal ‘Rudy’ Ahlen Attends First Game

New York Mets fan Rudal “Rudy” Ahlen attended her first game on Thursday at the age of 101.

101-year old New York Mets fan Rudal “Rudy” Ahlen did something on Thursday that she’s never done before: attend a Mets game in person.

The Mets had invited her to the game after reading a story about her watching Opening Day on TV and shouting at the screen when they lose. Ahlen was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan until they left in 1961 and became a Mets fan in 1962, their first year in existence, according to Neil Best of Newsday. Before being escorted to her seat the 101-year old met David Wright, Jacob DeGrom, and Lucas Duda.

Before being escorted to her seat, the 101-year old met David Wright, Jacob deGrom and Lucas Duda.

“This is a big thing for me. I just still can’t believe all this is happening,” she said. “Nothing like this ever happened when I was younger. Why did it have to happen now when I’m older? Now I’m 102 next month, so I figured this is my birthday present … It’ll do. I’m satisfied.”

So why didn’t Ahlen attend a game before now?

“Because I couldn’t afford it,” she said. And I was raising eight children …. I didn’t have the time or money, so I couldn’t go. I was satisfied with the radio, until television came.”

Unfortunately, for Ahlen, the Mets lost to the Milwaukee Brewers 2-1 on Thursday. However, she did enjoy herself but thinks she’ll just watch the games on tv.

“It was overwhelming,” she said. “Between the players and the excitement, it was too much for me. I guess I’m really old. I can’t take all this stuff.”

Let’s hope that she goes to at least one more game.

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