New York Mets Fan Goes All-In At Citi Field for Wilmer Flores (Photo)

During a seven-run 1st-inning at Citi Field for the home team, a certain New York Mets fan was spotted paying homage to Wilmer Flores.

How does one exactly pay homage to one’s favorite player?

Obviously, there are a handful of colorful options and we’ve seen most of them play out before our very eyes. 

A sign is a fantastic option. Dressing up in a costume is a viable option. (Just ask the fans of the Oakland Raiders who believe Halloween takes place every Sunday during the football season.) Even chanting at the top of your lungs for your favorite guy gets the job done.

But when it comes to New York Mets fan favorite Wilmer Flores, a specific fan played out the top option before our very eyes.

Via a tweet from @timtweets27, this fan was spotted wearing Fred Flinstone gear while holding a Wilmer! sign (photo above).

The Twitter spotting came during an uncharacteristic seven-run 1st-inning for the Mets against the San Diego Padres on Tuesday night. It is Matt Harvey‘s first appearance in Flushing since his M.I.A. incident a couple weeks ago.

In the bottom of the 2nd-inning, New York leads 7-2.

H/T Twitter, @timtweets27

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