The New York Mets may have started the “Tim Tebow Show” to get more interest. Now he might just be more interesting than the Mets themselves.

Everyone shamed the New York Mets for giving former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow a shot at professional baseball. I guess we now have proof that a little faith can go a long way.

Besides Tebow’s presence increasing the sale of tickets for the low Class A Columbia Fireflies, he also has played with a purpose: to prove he’s not just another athlete seeking fame after failure.

Tebow crushed his third home run of the season yesterday, helping him break out of a slump. He finished the afternoon with a 2-for-4 performance, including a double. And he’s driving fans to the ballpark in droves to get a glimpse at this famous being.

Tebow is not ready for the big leagues. He likely won’t even get close. But it’s his perseverance and hard work that has driven fans to root for his success in the minors.

The guy makes a lot of money doing other things. Yet he still finds himself drawn back to the sport where people argue he is making a fool of himself.

If he launches a home run, it’s not news. But because he is crushing home runs to encourage young players to never give up on their dreams, it is certainly worthy of publication.

Besides, he might just be the most exciting thing right now in terms of the New York Mets. No offense, but it’s definitely true.

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