With the New York Mets struggling and devastated via injury, another rise from Matt Harvey would be ideal. Will it ever happen again?

The roller coaster of Matt Harvey‘s pitching career with the New York Mets is approaching a vital turning point.

While many have shared harsh opinions on Harvey as of late, this upcoming string of starts for him will define the next stage of his career.

Harvey’s Cinco de Mayo fiasco was well documented by the New York Post. After breaking up with Super Model Adriana Lima, Harvey was out late drinking in Manhattan, missed curfew, then called The Mets to explain he was going to miss the game on Saturday because of a “headache.” He was scheduled to start the next day.

Confused Mets fans followed every update of that debacle. The suspension. The silence. The opening up. The one game Adam Wilk era. The apology that became National News. Oy vey.

And naturally, the Mets flip-flopped on their decision making. Initial reports on Harvey’s suspension claimed that the Mets planned to keep everything in house. Days later, Mets Manager Terry Collins said Harvey needed to apologize to the team.

At this point Harvey has apologized, and made his first start following all the scrutiny. Harvey allowed three home runs in a 7-4 loss on the road against The Milwaukee Brewers. (The Mets conveniently gave Harvey an extra day before his first start to make sure they’d be on the road.)

But now, Harvey will have to face the music Tuesday night. As it will be his first start at Citi Field since all of this nonsense became public knowledge.

Once a fan favorite, Harvey has his reputation with the Queens Faithful in serious jeopardy.

Truthfully, Harvey has always been a rebellious bad boy and Mets fans naturally ate it up. But now, Harvey knows how fickle the fans can be, as his beamer and babe lifestyle seemed cute before, when he had a 2.71 ERA all two long years ago.

Nowadays, his ERA is pushing 5.56 and the Mets, as a team, have a Major League worst ERA of 5.14.

So the stage is set. Will Harvey climb his way out of this pit as Bruce Wayne once did in The Dark Knight Rises? Or will the fans boo his way into even further oblivion?

Either way, these next few starts for Harvey could be career determining for him. Right now, he’s had tons of chances due to the Mets whirlwind of pitching injuries. But will that be the same upon the return of Starting Pitchers Steven Matz and Seth Lugo?

And with an 18-24 record on May 21, how many more times can the Mets put Harvey out there if he does not put them in a good position to win?

Eventually a decision will have to be made. Will Harvey stay? Will he be sent down to the minor leagues? Would the Mets consider bringing him into the bullpen?

It’s all in Harvey’s hands. The next chapter of the saga continues Tuesday night at Citi Field against the San Diego Padres.