The New York Mets are in free fall but calling up consensus top prospect Amed Rosario might not be in their best interests. 

Something has to change. It’s so evident that the New York Mets need some sort of spark–whether it be changes to the roster, the training program or new haircuts–the Mets need to do something different to right their quickly sinking ship. However, calling up top prospect Amed Rosario isn’t one of them.

Let’s look at several reasons why the shortstop phenom is better off in AAA Las Vegas.

Super 2 Deadline

Fans of the New York Mets have become familiar with this deadline over the past several years. Waiting for the likes of Zack Wheeler, Steven Matz and others to cross the deadline has been fairly common over the past few seasons. This unspecified date, which usually falls in mid-June, determines if a player can receive a third year of arbitration eligibility, thus giving the incumbent club an additional year of team control.

If the Mets (along with most other prospect reports) believe Rosario profiles as a future all-star, then the extra year of team control justifies keeping him in the minors for at least another month. There’s a chance we see him make his big league debut in 2017, just don’t expect that to be until after the Super 2 deadline passes, at the minimum.

Defensive Issues

Rosario has all the tools to play shortstop over the long term, but his nine errors in 37 games raise some red flags. The infield at Las Vegas is not known for being kind to defenders, but averaging an error once almost every four games leaves one to believe that he could use a little more work before getting the call.

It’s likely this conversation isn’t relevant in a few years. For now, the 21-year-old will have to clean up his glove work before getting the call.

Fragile State of the Big League Club

The New York Mets have dropped seven straight games, seemingly finding new ways to lose every night. The feeling around the club is one of frustration, uncertainty and doubt. Throwing Rosario into the current dumpster fire known as the Mets might not be an ideal situation for his big league debut.

Baseball is a long season and every team has to go through adversity. However, a team calling up their top prospect in the nation’s largest media market in a state of disarray could put unnecessary pressure on a 21-year-old kid.

Give Gavin Cecchini a Chance

The Mets have another well-regarded prospect in Gavin Cecchini who also is big league ready. After a few cups of coffee at the game’s top level at the end of last season and earlier this season, he could get the nod if an infielder is called up.

While he features best as a second baseman over the long term, he has experience playing short and can also play third if necessary. His versatility on the infield and high contact approach make the former first-round pick an intriguing option for a call up while Rosario continues to develop in Las Vegas.

Offense Isn’t the Problem

Offense hasn’t been the issue for the Mets who are averaging five runs per game, good for fifth-best in baseball. The Mets lineup has been hit hard by injuries, but their depth hasn’t failed them and scoring hasn’t been much of an issue. Unless Rosario features a nasty breaking ball, he’s not going to fix their pitching woes.

Rosario is hitting over .350 at AAA and is on the right path to a successful major league career. His time in Queens is nearing, but the stars haven’t aligned for his debut just yet.

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