Bartolo Colon's Powerful Text Message to Matt Harvey
May 9, 2017; New York City, NY, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey (33) looks on from the dugout during fifth inning against the San Francisco Giants at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Harvey has been under siege since his team issued suspension but wise words from former teammate Bartolo Colon offer a positive outlook.

Bartolo Colon may now play in Atlanta but his lasting effect on the New York Mets is still impacting his former teammates. Matt Harvey’s team issued suspension has warranted vast criticism from fans, media and even his own teammates.

The ageless Colon offered words of wisdom to the embattled right hander. As noted by the New York Post, “You have all the talent and you can get through this and all the things you want will always be there at the end. You go pitch. Let baseball be No. 1.”

Colon not only became a fan favorite during his three year tenure in New York, but was widely liked by his teammates. His relationship with his former staff is evident. Colon is serving as the father figure their rotation no longer has in the clubhouse.

Between Harvey’s late nights and Noah Syndergaard pretending to act more false ‘Superman’ than his ‘Thor’ alter-ago, Colon’s words still ring loudly, even from a distance.

Given how decimated the Met rotation already stands, could we see Bart back in Queens before the season ends?

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