The New York Mets need a spark and the seemingly inevitable return of Kelly Johnson could help revive them yet again. 

It’s only April, but don’t all the games count the same? Technically, they do and the New York Mets have dropped four straight and can’t afford to tread more water.

Jose Reyes has been one of the biggest disappointments to start the season and his error in the eighth inning of Monday night’s game only added to his dismal performances at the plate. However, the return of Kelly Johnson could bring necessary relief to a team in need of a spark.

Reyes is a proven veteran who is off to a start slow start, to put it gently. It’s plausible that he finds his game as the season continues and everyone forgets his rough April altogether. However, the New York Mets are a team expected to compete for a pennant, and the luxury of patience is one they do not have.

If Reyes continues to struggle, bringing back old friend Kelly Johnson could be a boost for the club. Terry Collins has stated that he’s sticking with Reyes–which isn’t unfair–but you have to wonder for how much longer he can defend his starting third baseman.

The Mets do have options to spell Reyes internally. Wilmer Flores mashes left handed pitching, but his struggles against righties have limited him to platoon duty. T.J. Rivera is more of a second baseman and his inexperience could leave Collins short on trust.

There’s also the David Wright factor. No one can predict when or if Wright will play this season, not even Sandy Alderson. Even if Wright can go, he’s much better suited to facing left handers in majority of his at bats during this point of his career.

Johnson is a veteran who the team knows well and carries experience on winning ball clubs. His versatility on the infield is also useful and it wouldn’t cost much to sign K.J. to a one year contract.

If the Mets are going to bring Johnson back, they might as well do it sooner rather than later. They’d look awfully foolish if they had to trade more minor league talent for his services instead of signing him…again.

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