The New York Mets lineup has already begun to repeat their 2016 inconsistencies, so changes, including Michael Conforto in, need to happen.

Although only 13 games have passed on the 2017 Major League Baseball schedule, it’s become very apparent that New York Mets management needs to shake up their seriously potential-laden lineup.

Manager Terry Collins has no excuse to keep sending the same lineup card out again and again, especially following this past weekend’s disappointing series against the Don Mattingly-led Miami Marlins.

Wasted Opportunities

In all three games the Mets lost to the fish, they wasted absolute gems by aces Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom and Matt Harvey.

The three combined for 19 IP, 4 ER, 22 K and 3 BB. The Mets did not win one of those games. That’s pretty pathetic. At the end of the season when the Amazins’ are in a tight race, we will all look back to this series, where the Mets easily could have gone 4-0, instead of 1-3.

Collins needs to wake up and realize that every win is important, and he must stop starting players that are not producing in hopes that they come back to their former selves.

The Mets easily have the talent right now to where their 7-6 record could be 9-4, or even 10-3. Maybe two or three games right now is not a huge deal, but come October, Terry’s going to wish he managed April differently.

From this point forward, this is the lineup the Mets should be sending out every night:

  1. Asdrubal Cabrera SS
  2. Michael Conforto CF
  3. Yoenis Cespedes LF
  4. Jay Bruce RF
  5. Neil Walker 2B
  6. Lucas Duda 1B
  7. Travis d’Arnaud C
  8. Wilmer Flores 3B

Notice this lineup does not include Curtis Granderson or Jose Reyes. For some reason, Collins will not pull the trigger to bench the two veterans who are simply not performing, at all.

Conforto Should Be Starting in Center Field

In 46 at bats this season, Granderson has eight hits, zero home runs, four RBIs, and four walks.

In 17 at bats this season, Michael Conforto has six hits, two home runs, six RBIs and two walks.

Conforto has nearly 30 fewer at-bats than Granderson and does not get consistent playing time. Yet, not only is his batting average nearly 200 points higher, his power numbers have already surpassed Granderson’s.

The kid needs to be in this lineup, as every time thus far this season his number has been called upon he has produced. The same cannot be said of Granderson, who will fill the role of the fourth outfielder quite nicely, as he still has some pop in his bat and can play all three positions.

Reyes Should Be Benched Until He Proves Otherwise

The hot corner also needs a change. Reyes, a former All-Star, is playing at an all-time low. On any other team, if the starting third baseman was hitting under .100 with no homers or RBIs, they would be benched.

But Collins just keeps waiting for Reyes to figure it out. At first, it seemed like the right move, as maybe he was just off to a slow start. But, over two weeks into the season and still no sign of heating up, Reyes needs to either sit or figure it out in triple-A.

Wilmer ‘Lefty Masher’ Flores needs to be in the game against left-handed pitching every single night. Wilmer is hitting .385 with two homers in just 13 at-bats against lefties this season and has always been a consistent lefty killer. He’s clearly the Mets best option at third base when a southpaw is on the mound.

Against righties, however, Flores has not been as productive thus far. But, with T.J. Rivera sent to the minors, Wilmer should have a chance to prove to the Mets why he should be starting. With consistent at-bats against righties, something will click for Wilmer.

It appears third base is the weak link for the Mets. Until David Wright comes back, whoever is manning the hot corner simply just needs to be average.

Mr. Collins, the ball is in your court.

The Mets pitching staff is as dominant as they come. It is simply up to the bats to get it done, as the starters have proved they will keep the Mets in every single game. Collins needs to shake up the lineup so the Mets can get back to winning.

Conforto and Flores in, Granderson and Reyes out.