New York Knicks: What is Derrick Rose's NBA Future?
Mar 27, 2017; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose (25) drives to the basket against the Detroit Pistons during the second half at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The youngest MVP in NBA history, New York Knicks PG Derrick Rose, is going to need a drastically change his role if he wants to play next year.

Last week, the New York Knicks announced that Derrick Rose will be out for the remainder of the season due an injury to his meniscus. This is the third time he has suffered this injury. Rose’s newest trauma shows he no longer can be a primary ball handler. In addition, Rose is going to need to become accustomed to coming off the bench for the first time in his career.

In truth, Rose has been playing like a two guard for the Knicks this entire season.

Rose is 20th in the NBA in touches per game. Many top point guards are at the top of this list with Rose, but yet, Rose’s assists per game average is the lowest on this list. To make matters worse, DeMarcus Cousins and Blake Griffin, two big men who made the way on that list, average more assists than Rose.

Rose’s inability to pass has also helped contribute to the progression of Kristaps Porzingis not excelling as fast as expected.

Playing off the ball is going to be how Rose keeps his NBA career alive.

Rose is looking to score with the ball at all times. This may not be a point guard’s mentality but playing besides a primary ball handler this can be a positive mentality.

The explosiveness and finishing ability of Rose is still there (54.7 percent on shots less than five feet.) His next team should be able take advantage of this by doing a few simple things.

First off, simple off ball cuts to the rim will be key if Rose hopes to have a successful rest of his NBA career.

Get the ball out of Rose’s hands, clear the paint, quick cut to the rim and a score. With Rose’s finishing ability this can open plenty of scoring opportunities for him.

Rose’s next team should also be looking to screen his defender off-the-ball.

These are simple plays you see every game. However, the Knicks have gotten away from this due to Rose being the guy with the ball in his hands. Part of the reason why Rose is not an effective pick and roll player anymore is because of his poor outside shooting. Teams can simply go underneath the screen and prevent easy looks around the rim. It is far too difficult to go under the type of screens shown above.

The next question is where does Rose belong? It certainly is not the Knicks, so where?

Teams in need of scoring are going to need Rose, however, these teams need to be able to make up for his poor defense by playing him alongside capable defenders.

The team that fits the bill is Memphis. The Grizzlies are the third lowest scoring team in the NBA. They are also one of the top defensive teams in the NBA.

Imagine Rose in these actions with a passing big like Gasol. He would add a huge boost off the bench for Memphis.

This is all dependent on Rose’s willingness to accept a role off the bench. This is something he has never had to due in his professional career and probably his life.

If Derrick Rose decides to accept a role off the bench there is a great chance he will be able to extend his career.

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