Mets’ Noah Syndergaard Steals the Philly Phanatic’s Quad (Video)

While razzing Curtis Granderson in the outfield, the Philly Phanatic got was what coming to him in the form of Mets SP Noah Syndergaard.

Nobody’s safe. At least no “thing” is safe. Or, do mascots deserve to be called a he or she?

I honestly don’t know.

In any event, none are safe when the New York Mets come to town. 

With Mr. Met on a break this week with the Amazins on the road, other mascots become the target of Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

Check out the video above. In Philadelphia, the team was warming up. Curtis Granderson, stretching like the good veteran will, started to get the razz from that damn Philly Phanatic. Yeah, that thing. That annoying thing that lives and breathes somewhere in the city of Philadelphia.

Thanks to the uncalled for razzing of Grandy, Syndergaard took matters into his own hands by stealing his ride (video above).

Thor took the Phanatic’s quad for a quick, justified outfield ride.

Yes, you are safe (so it seems) Mr. Met.

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