The hype surrounding Gary Sanchez is incredible but Greg Bird boasts the skills and attitude to become a true captain.

The New York Yankees have a rich tradition when it comes to team leaders. With Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird emerging and competing to become the face of the Bronx Bombers, fans finally have something to be excited about.

Various blogs have discussed how Sanchez’ performance this year will make or break the Yankees team. Fans are zeroing in on Sanchez and already idolizing the impressive rookie. While Sanchez may be the face of this team, Greg Bird possesses the dedication, determination and leadership qualities to become the next captain.

Names like Don Mattingly, Thurman Munson and Derek Jeter have held this position, taking their leadership roles seriously. Even if Bird doesn’t get to be THE face of the Yankees, he has exhibited this past year that he has what it takes to be something greater to the organization.

With last year’s shoulder surgery keeping him out of commission, Bird started his long road back with positive energy and determination. And it has paid off so far; Bird hit well in spring league and is currently one of the top hitters during spring training.

Good Guy Greg has given fans no reason to be concerned about his off-field behavior either. Keeping his distance from the media, Bird reminds us of another captain who avoided the media throughout the majority of his career.

The expectation with Bird is that he’ll get the job done, work hard and play with a quiet intensity. He’s a competitive player but also a terrific teammate. His recent commercial stint with Brett Gardner also proved that he has a sense of humor.

Basically, if there a Tinder for baseball players, everyone would swipe right. This guy is the ultimate captain package.

He’s calm and poised on the field. Holds his composure with the media. Encourages his fellow teammates and works hard, despite easily winning the starting role. That’s the type of player who makes a great captain.

It’s early on in his career. The title of captain is only bestowed upon those incredibly worthy of bearing that weight. However, from what Bird has shown us so far, it’s possible that he could be the next to don the letter “C.”

He possesses a calm poise like Jeter. Heck, his former teammate Alex Rodriguez compared him on FOX Sports to Don Mattingly, as reported by The kid is already respected in the organization and should be on the fast track to a leadership role with this squad.

The responsibilities of captain are immense. It isn’t simply just wearing the letter and speaking to the media. It’s taking your teammates under your wing and serving as an example of what a ball player should be. Greg Bird fits the bill.

Of course, time will tell whether or not this actually happens. It’ll be hard for anyone to succeed a captain like Jeter. However, if anyone has the guts to do it, it will be Bird.

Let Gary Sanchez have the spotlight with his monster home runs and cannon-like arm behind the plate. He deserves that recognition more than anyone. Bird deserves recognition too but his attitude translates more to the likes of a leader not just on the field, but off it as well.

Bird can get the job done at first base, as he’s proven so far this spring. However important that role may be, I can see Greg Bird having an even greater impact as captain.

One day it will be Greg Bird’s time to shine as both a player and a leader. Get ready, Yankees fans, because here comes the Golden Goose, the upcoming captain of the most successful franchise in sports. And much like Brett Gardner, we’ll be watching closely.

Allison is just a girl with an enormous passion for the game of baseball and the written word. Based in Upstate New York, her life-long relationship with the New York Yankees is something that she developed through close relationships with her mother and grandfather. An aspiring sports writer, she graduated with a journalism degree and is finding places to share her excitement about the sporting world and how it affects us all.