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Brett Gardner Goes Greg Bird-Watching in Latest New York Yankees Ad

With another new ad being released by the New York Yankees, the entertainment factor is at an all-time high for the impending season.

He’s no crocodile hunter, but New York Yankees Gold Glove left fielder Brett Gardner is quite the bird hunter.

Well, Greg Bird, that is.

In the latest Yankees On Demand commercial, the second one released in the past two days, the Yankees showcase the comedic timing of Gardner following Bird around the spring training complex.

As a self-proclaimed fanatic of all things Gardner-related, his (creepy) acting skills are incredibly on point. Gardner, adorned in a bucket hat and binoculars, certainly looks the part. Add in the goofy one-liners and you have the recipe for a good time.

No, it’s not the highest quality commercial. But it shows that these Yankees players are loose and willing to poke fun at each other. These guys show off a comradery that transcends beyond the baseball diamond.

Just like Gardner says, he has learned that Bird is rare species. Despite not seeing him for a year, Bird has exploded in spring training, drilling 14 extra base hits and boasting a .527 slugging percentage.

Very rare, indeed. Especially after coming back from shoulder surgery that knocked him out of last season.

It seems Gardner is right. The ironic cat-loving Bird is someone we’ve been watching all spring and all eyes deserve to be on him come the regular season.

Gardner, on the other hand, does what he does best in this video; he quietly makes his presence known. Also, Brett Gardner pretending to be CC Sabathia? I’m sure we can expect some retaliation from the portly southpaw.

If you didn’t love Gardner before, watch this commercial and I guarantee you’ll love him now. And if you still don’t, I don’t want to hear about it.

The Gardner catching the Bird. What a classic.

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