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New York Yankees Broadcasters Feature In Hilarious Yoga Commercial (Video)

The new crop of New York Yankees commercials are here and started out with a bang in the most hilarious fashion.

We all remember last year’s New York Yankees OnDemand commercials. The cheesy spots featured several players in entertaining reenactments and allowing creative plays on words.

While Didi Gregorius and Starlin Castro starred in last year’s Stepbrothers parody, it’s finally time for the YES Network announcers to have their time in the sun.

YES Network released their first commercial spot of this season, featuring broadcasters like Michael Kay, Ken Singleton and Paul O’Neill taking a break from their booth time and learning to relax.

The commercial, which premiered before the fifth inning of Saturday’s Yankees-Toronto Blue Jays game, lasts one minute and covers everything from recognizing David Cone’s perfect game, John Flaherty’s catcher’s pose and Paul O’Neill’s temper.

Even better, the yoga instructor casually reminds fans in the best way possible to start “managing expectations about Gary Sanchez,” after dealing with Bob Lorenz’ outburst to start the famous Role Call.

Although the Seattle Mariners recently released their most recent set of commercials to a positive response, they might just have some competition in the Yankees’ latest entry to the commercial game.

The YES Network has been teasing this promo for several months and the unveiling was certainly worth the wait. Check out the video below, as posted by the YES Network.

One last question: where can I find a yoga class like this? Because if this class actually existed, yoga classes might get a whole lot more popular for Yankees fans.

Also, I believe the first Warrior pose is the more accurate…not like I’m an expert or anything.

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