Did the middle infield of the New York Yankees, Didi Gregorius and Starlin Castro just remake a scene from “Stepbrothers?” Yup, they did.

You know that moment when it happens.

That special, extremely brief moment in time when you realize you and your counterpart have so much in common that only the best of friendship becomesĀ appropriate for the two of you.

It happened for Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly while playing their characters in the motion picture Step Brothers.

Recently, and luckily for the organization who has won 27 World Series Championships, it also happened to of the fellas who call themselves New York Yankees.

Check out the video above. The Yankees starting infield, Didi Gregorius and newcomer Starlin Castro reenacted that scene from the hilarious Stepbrothers and instantaneously became best friends.

Yup! They sure did. I see a few 6-4-3 double-plays in their future.

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