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Jacob deGrom Gets Revenge on Mets Prospect Who Stole His Parking Spot

New York Mets prospect Kevin Kaczmarski has learned the hard way that you shouldn’t park in Jacob deGrom’s parking spot.

New York Mets prospect Kevin Kaczmarski made a huge mistake on Monday, but it wasn’t made on the field.

Kaczmarski parked his car at the Mets spring training facility in a spot that was reserved for pitcher Jacob deGrom.

The parking spot is clearly marked with a number 48 logo, which matches deGrom’s number.

To get back at Kaczmarski, the former National League Rookie of the Year covered his car in a plastic wrap, as reliever Josh Smoker showcased on Twitter.

Kaczmarski was a good sport about the whole thing by replying to Smoker on Twitter, saying that he would wear the plastic that was covering his car.

The Mets prospect spent last season with Class-A St. Lucie and the Low-A Columbia Fireflies — Tim Tebow‘s new home.

It’s safe to say that he has learned his lesson and won’t park in someone else’s parking spot again.

The good news for Kaczmarski is that his car is now, or was at least, protected from rain.

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