Is Compromising the Farm ‘OK’?

If a few of the question marks destined to tamper with the win column suddenly turn into answers, the Yankees have the potential to be a tremendous threat in the American League.

Being that it is a transition year, though, where coaches and management need to evaluate and assess the young talent throughout success and growing pains, contention may not actually be the best thing.

If New York is within spitting distance of first place in the AL East by the all-star break, it will be on the front office to decide whether it is worth sacrificing young talent in exchange for a deep postseason run in 2017. It’s a problem that has always lingered with the organization, and it is not necessarily detrimental. After all, look at the championship total.

But, for now, keeping the foot off the gas pedal has to be the way these executives approach each and every situation. The time will come where the Yanks will be a substantial move or two away from their 28th title.

That time is not now.