While the New York Yankees look to maximize the win column in 2017, the men upstairs will be dealing with lingering questions that can define the organization’s future.

It’s no secret: the New York Yankees will be an extremely exciting team to watch this upcoming season.

Whether they win 75 games and finish in fourth place or win 90 games and grab a wild card, Joe Girardi will field a team with a look the higher-ups haven’t been comfortable unveiling in years.

Evidently, there are obstacles that could prevent the Yanks from going through another 162-game season in a rebuild-in-disguise. Just as easily, those obstacles could turn into positives — making the team a real contender for the first time since 2012.

If and when that happens, the same group of men who put the franchise on the right path must avoid the temptation that has been holding the franchise back for the past decade.

With that said, the idea of winning — and winning a lot — is not the only temptation which, if fallen for, can derail the masterpiece general manager Brian Cashman has been working on for the last nine months.

There are several question marks the organization will face, and address, while the pinstripes embark on one of the most pivotal transitional years in team history.