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New York Mets Fans, Your Starting Staff Has Officially Been Revered

New York Mets fans may remember an image coming out of four members of the team’s rotation at a dinner table together – here’s the result.

How do you make an image of the New York MetsNoah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, Steven Matz and Jacob deGrom even more epic that it inherently already would be? Throw some dapper suits on them, with a couple of steaks and drinks placed right next to their throwing hands.

Oh, and put it all in slow motion.


Mets fans should remember the leaked image of their studly rotation-mates sitting at a restaurant table together just a month or so ago.

That shot was the beauteous preamble to the incredible commercial you saw before you.

The iconic long hair of deGrom and Syndergaard draws as much attention to them as it does on the baseball field, but Harvey still somehow holds the center of attention with his “Dark Knight-esque” personality and bravado.

The above quartet has already consistently attracted notoriety as possibly the best starting rotation in the MLB, at least when healthy.

That health appears to be intact for the 2017 season, and with Spring Training’s end on the horizon, this video should get Mets fans pumped for the upcoming year.

Chris recently graduated with a Journalism degree from Montclair State University. Baseball is his love and he hopes to bring back some of the old-school popularity to the game. Chris Thompson covers the NY Jets and NY Mets for Elite Sports NY. You can interact with him on Twitter @Time2Topher.