Here’s not what the New York Mets opening day lineup will be. Here’s what Terry Collins should do when opening the 2017 MLB season.

No matter which team you may root for, every single one of us has put on the manager’s cap and constructed the ‘perfect’ lineup. Today is no different as we put together what the New York Mets opening day lineup should look like.

Let’s start by assuming the sad, but obvious truth: Captain Wright will be unable to play. The poor guy, literally, has not caught one break his entire career. Although seeing Wright sidelined yet again breaks the hearts of Mets fans, believe it or not, it is probably better for the team.

A healthy David Wright is an automatic starter, yes, but the David Wright we have now is not a better option than a healthy Jose Reyes. Terry Collins would not bench Wright if he was healthy enough to play, even if Jose is the better option, and I really can’t blame him. It is Wright’s job until he pulls himself out of the lineup, or is physically unable to play.

So, if we are trying to take a positive from this sad situation, it is that the better option will be starting.

My lineup:

  1. Jose Reyes 3B
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera SS
  3. Yoenis ‘La Potencia’ Cespedes LF

I think every Mets fan can agree with how the top of the lineup should be constructed. These three provided the spark that led to the Amazin’ August/September that pushed us to game 163.

  1. Lucas Duda 1B
  2. Neil Walker 2B
  3. Michael Conforto RF
  4. Curtis Granderson CF
  5. Travis d’Arnaud C
  6. Thor SP

“But Jay Bruce!”

Yes, I know there is no Jay Bruce in this lineup.

Although he had a stellar first half of the season with the Reds, it appears as though the flight to NY broke him, as the leading RBI man at the All-Star break just could not produce. Having the threat of Jay Bruce being able to pinch-hit late in the game will force the opposing manager to alter their game-plan, as he is still one of the more feared power hitters in baseball. 

Some fans on #MetsTwitter believe keeping Bruce out of the starting lineup will make him sad” or “ruin his demeanor.”

Quite frankly, I couldn’t care less about Jay Bruce’s feelings.

He is not a part of this team’s future and should only see at bats if he is producing. He is a less than ideal fielder and has no real chemistry with anyone on this roster. I’d much rather Michael Conforto be happy and fell comfortable, as he is a key part of the Mets future and a superstar in the making. I would be more than willing to trade Bruce’s feelings for 2015 Conforto back.

Realistically, with the dominant pitching rotation the Mets employ, the lineup just needs to score four runs a game. If they can do that, they’ll will have a win total in the triple digits. I just can’t see any of our starters having an ERA in the fours. This lineup that I have put together will be able to get the job done. Take a look up and down the lineup. There really isn’t a “dead zone” that the Mets are so used to having in their lineup.

Watch out baseball, the Mets are coming.

That is, assuming the injury God’s deem that our good karma from 2015 was paid back with last year’s catastrophic events.