New York Mets’ top prospect saves the day by catching a flying bat

Miami Marlins SS Adeiny Hechavarria flailed at a pitch from New York Mets RHP Robert Gsellman, when his bat went flying into the Mets’ dugout.

There’s now a quite simple solution to the MLB’s continued concerns of keeping fans safe in the stands from flying bats and whipping baseballs – clone New York Mets‘ prospect Luis Guillorme and place two of him in all 30 ballparks for the entirety of the season!

Mets fan favorite Robert Gsellman threw a wicked slider at Miami Marlins shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria in today’s Spring Training game, resulting in a flailing swing that drew his bat from his hands and into Guillorme’s loving embrace.

As teammates panicked and sprinted away from the spinning, 30-something inch piece of lumber, Guillorme looked unfazed, as though he had done this a million times before.

It’s really no surprise, though, that his hands were able to come to the rescue.

Guillorme is widely considered to be one of the best pure fielders in the Mets’ farm system, earning him the 17th spot on’s Top 30 prospects for the franchise in Queens.

Those same scouts rank his fielding at a 65 grade, making it above average, and even near elite.