1. Dustin Ackley saves the game … for a little while

Dustin Ackley didn’t have a starting role in the Yankees organization, and that was okay for him. Because when he did come in, he did stuff like this that proved that he can get the job done.

Although it was all the way back in May, the Yankees were struggling mightily and desperately needed a win over their division rival Baltimore Orioles. Ackley did everything in his power to try to save the game.

With a tie game in the bottom of the ninth and runner on with no outs, the Orioles were threatening to hand the Yankees another heartbreaking loss. That is, until Ackley made an improbable catch up against the right field wall and then promptly doubled off the runner.

What? From a utility player? In his second career start in right field? Okay, that was cool. After replay confirmed it, the Yankees only got crushed with a 1-0 defeat just an inning later.

Well, it was fun while it lasted. It was even better to watch Ackley come up big for the Yankees.

The Yankees had some memorable moments last year, but it’s even better to weed through the big moments that maybe weren’t as popular. Now we wait for more to come this year.

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