Last season’s youthful stars stole the spotlight for the New York Yankees but here are some crazy highlights you likely forgot in the chaos.

Twenty-sixteen was quite the year in the Bronx. The New York Yankees started out weak only to come alive after the trade deadline, narrowly missing out on a playoff spot.

That second half surge was dominated by the incredible performances from the Baby Bombers, especially Gary Sanchez. Without the contributions from these youngsters, the Yankees wouldn’t have likely made it over .500 for the season.

However, that is all that is discussed about the 2016 season: the Baby Bombers and the actually trading done at the trade deadline. Is that all to remember about this unconventional season for the boys in pinstripes?

Not in the least. And it’s okay if you forgot these moments because I can guarantee you, they’ve slipped the minds of numerous fans.

Without further adieu, here are six forgotten highlights from the New York Yankees’ 2016 season.