2. Tommy Layne becomes a New York icon in Toronto

The former Boston Red Sox pitcher earned his stripes, thanks to a wild game in Toronto.

The Sept. 27 game is popular for the two fights that broke out between the Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays. However, perhaps the biggest play of the game often goes overlooked.

With the game going downhill and the Yankees’ lead cut to two, Layne took over for Dellin Betances. With the bases loaded, former Yankee Russell Martin poked a dribbler between the mound and the plate. That’s when the magic happened.

Layne’s athletic play, diving into home plate and giving up his body for the team, is underappreciated in every way. While his name doesn’t come up much in casual conversations, that play will forever be ingrained in any baseball fan’s mind.

I guess you could say he was Layne it all on the line. Thank you, I’ll be here ’til Sunday.

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