4. When Mark Teixeira became the most savage troll on the field

Ah, the memories of Mark Teixeira this season were incredible. He capped off his career with a warm send-off from the Yankees fans and a walk-off grand slam that will go down in history.

However, nothing was greater than Teix’s personality coming out on the field. Not just once, but on multiple occasions.

It all started when the New York Mets and reliever Hansel Robles accused the eccentric first baseman of stealing their signs. The accusation then resulted in Tex faking signs to his batter and ultimately, announcing that he was in Robles’ head.

But that hilarious moment wasn’t the end of it. Later in the season, he launched a game-tying home run against the Toronto Blue Jays and proceeded to uncharacteristically flip his bat.

To add insult to injury, he also barked “blown save” to pitcher Jason Grilli after he returned to the dugout.

For a guy who tends to remain serious on the field, this was out of character. However, it sure as hell made for some entertaining clips.

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