The New York Knicks let the trade deadline pass without a move, then got blown out by the Cavailers in front of Charles Oakley in Cleveland.

Show me an NBA franchise whose fan base is energized by the thought of acquiring Ricky Rubio, and I’ll show you a team at rock-bottom. These are your 2016-2017 New York Knicks.

Back in August, Derrick Rose called the Knicks a “super-team” in the same vein as the Golden State Warriors. He was given a chance to walk those comments back and refused, making a strange comment about America in the process.

“I still believe that,” Rose said of his team being a super-team. “With that super-team term, I have to be careful with that term, I guess in the United States. ”

– CBS Sports, 8/2016

That “super team” (no, not the Warriors) fell to 23-35 Thursday night. Here are three things you’re probably thinking about the New York Knicks right now.

Charles Oakley needs to chill

The Knicks were excessive in their handling of Charles Oakley at the Garden a few weeks ago, there’s no disputing that. After Michael Jordan and Adam Silver stepped in and (allegedly) resolved matters, James Dolan invited Oakley back to the Garden as his guest. Oakley declined, refusing to take part in the dog and pony show … then joined Cavs owner Dan Gilbert at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday night. Two wrongs don’t make a right and pettiness won’t end the fight.

Derrick Rose should’ve been gone before yesterday

By any means necessary. His time in New York should probably have ended when he went AWOL in January, before a Knicks loss to the New Orleans Pelicans. People go AWOL on their employers every day, but those employers are usually ShopRite and Burger King. How bad can moral be when you’re making $21.3 million to play basketball? Maybe Rose did have a legit emergency, but that entire situation was handled poorly. So was not shipping him off before the deadline; he’ll walk for nothing in return this summer.

Carmelo Anthony should’ve waived his NTC

Not because the Knicks collapse is on him; it isn’t. Carmelo Anthony wanted to play in New York when no star outside of Amar’e Stoudemire did, and he’s been a model citizen. Anthony, 32, deserves more than he’s been subjected to by Phil Jackson, especially at this point in his career. He had the opportunity to wash his hands of everything and should’ve taken it. He’ll likely work out a trade this summer, but he lost an entire season over a pissing contest with Phil. Time isn’t on his side anymore.