The NBA trade deadline is fast approaching and Carmelo Anthony being dealt to Boston makes sense for both them and the New York Knicks.

The 2017 NBA trade deadline became the biggest, in terms of superstar movement, since 2011 within seconds as All-Star big man Demarcus Cousins was shipped to New Orleans for what amounts to basically spare change.

There was a reason 2011 was mentioned and its because of how much star power found new homes then, including the New York Knicks’ own Carmelo Anthony. Now, six years down the road, Anthony could once again be involved in the biggest trade deadline period since he was the headliner in ’11.

Anthony has been linked to three main teams – the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics. However, of the three teams who are reported to have interest in the now 10-time All-Star, only one destination makes sense for both parties at once.

And that would be the Celtics.

The die-hard fans would struggle to cope with their most beloved player being dealt to their bitter rivals, especially one in the same division and conference, but right now, the Celtics are their best bet, as well as Anthony’s.