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Noah Syndergaard and a beloved New York Mets figure are feuding

New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard is known for his velocity and Twitter game, but he might have been beat in a Valentine’s Day feud.

Thor’s hammer has officially been dropped…on himself.

New York Mets‘ mascot Mr. Met’s Twitter page had quite the Valentine’s Day punch line in the above tweet aimed at star Mets righty Noah Syndergaard, paired with a photo of the young buck during his early baseball days.

Of course, with Syndergaard’s reputation as a literal social media god, he had a swift reply to the mascot who has a baseball for a head.

That’s right – he’s talking about a date with Mrs. Met.

So shots have clearly been fired. At least until Mr. Met got his typing fingers online again.

Those are big words from a smaller man, especially considering he’ll have to live life around the 6-foot-6 Syndergaard all season long at Citi Field. Oh, and don’t forget, Syndy tacked on 15 pounds of muscle this past offseason.

Chris recently graduated with a Journalism degree from Montclair State University. Baseball is his love and he hopes to bring back some of the old-school popularity to the game. Chris Thompson covers the NY Jets and NY Mets for Elite Sports NY. You can interact with him on Twitter @Time2Topher.