Philadelphia Phillies stealing the New York Mets ‘Ya Gotta Believe’ is top joke of the decade

The Philadephia Phillies latest slogan of, “Ya Gotta Believe,” is the greatest joke relating to the New York Mets in quite some time.

Is this for real? Is this real life? 

Rule number one when coming up with a slogan of some sort: be original. Come up with something completely unique that has the chance of catching on and blending in with the fabric of the organization, the community at large.

Apparently, the Philadelphia Phillies don’t understand the meaning behind this rule.

As the good folks at Barstool Sports pointed out, namely KFC, the Philadelphia Phillies directly copped the New York Mets most famous slogan of, “Ya Gotta Believe” (photo above).

As clear as day, the slogan is painted on the wall right between Tug McGraw and Ryan Howard at Spectrum Field at their spring training facilities.

Obviously, we all know this line is all Mets, as McGraw coined the phrase as a member of the Mets.

This is just another example of why the Phillies remain such a poor organization and why it’ll continue in 2017 and beyond.