The night Charles Oakley deserves as a New York Knicks legend (Video)

Finally, somebody did Charles Oakley justice by making a video that allows us to witness his No. 34 jersey retired by the New York Knicks.

Finally, we have been graced with internet greatness in regards to Charles Oakley. 

Instead of continually witnessing James Dolan and the New York Knicks crap all over one of their most feared forwards of all-time, Twitter account @bycycle put together an instant classic.

Check out the video above. The clip is, obviously, of Patrick Ewing‘s No. 33 jersey retirement. The great Michael Jordan was on hand, as were many others.

Instead, Cycle plastered Oak’s mug on Ewing’s body and replaced the 33 with a 34.

While we know Ewing will, most likely, be the only individual from those great 1990s teams to have his number retired, the thought is freaking great nonetheless.

Hey, if the New York Rangers can retire Adam Graves‘s No. 9, the Knicks can do with with the Oak-man.

H/T Twitter, @bycycle

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