‘Free Oakley’ chants erupt at New York Rangers game, one fan challenged by security guard (Video)

During the New York Rangers 4-3 win on Thursday night, chants of “free Oakley” erupted from the Garden crowd. One fan was challenged.

Charles Oakley isn’t just receiving support from the fans who root for his former team, the New York Knicks, he’s feeling the love with the court is stripped away and the Garden ice is exposed.

During the New York Rangers 4-3 win over the Nashville Predators on Thursday night, chants of “free Oakley” erupted in the building (video above). While they weren’t loud chants that gained any momentum, it was present in the Garden air.

One fan was actually challenged by an MSG security guard while he was chanting.

While we don’t know if the security guard actually challenged the fan for chanting “free Oakley” or not, this is what the current buzz has come down as.

Nobody likes a dude who says, “I’m smarter than you. You’re just a security guard,” but, hey, he had Oakley’s back. It’s the only thing that saved this annoying Rangers fan during this video.

H/T Twitter, @michaelpachecoo

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