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New York Yankees: Weighing the pros and cons of the Chris Carter signing

Negative No. 2: No Flexibility 

If you look at the 2017 Yankees roster, one of its best traits is versatility.

Tyler Austin can play four positions, Ronald Torreyes and Rob Refsnyder are utility guys, Aaron Hicks can play all three outfield positions and even Matt Holliday can give you time in the outfield or first base.

The last game Carter played in the outfield was 2014 and in 79 career games (mostly in left field), he owns a .951 fielding percentage with a shocking -21 defensive runs saved above average.

To add salt to the wound, his -4.1 Base Running (BsR) rating by FanGraphs was the fifth-worst in the National League while his Clutch rating of -1.33 was the sixth-worst.

He can only play one position fairly well (.991 Fld% at 1B), can’t run the bases and can’t come through in the clutch? That’s certainly not the type of mediocrity you want to see in year two of a rebuild.