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New York Yankees: Weighing the pros and cons of the Chris Carter signing

Positive No. 3: Cheap, One-Year Commitment

If you like comparisons, you’ll love this one:

  • Chris Carter:
  • One year, $3.5 million, .222/.321/.499, .821 OPS, 27 doubles, 41 HR, 274 TB, 206 K
  • Chris Davis:
  • Seven years, $161 million ($23 million Avg.), .221/.332/.459, .792 OPS, 21 doubles, 38 HR, 260 TB, 219 K

Again, this is a steal for a player like Carter, which makes the best-case scenario so much sweeter for New York.

If he absolutely rakes, then this further proves my testimony that this signing is a bargain and the slugger could help illuminate the power outage that has taken place in the Bronx.

If he continues to strikeout at a high rate and loses his ability to smack dingers, then you simply let him walk at seasons end or just cut him at some point in 2017.

Or, if he’s nothing more than a power bat on a team that’s not contending, Cashman might be able to obtain an average haul for him at the deadline from a team in desperate need of power.