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Veteran New York Mets beat writer Adam Rubin tweets ‘goodbye’

New York Mets beat writer Adam Rubin closed his notebook for the last time on Monday, as he will move on to a role with a PR firm.

Happy trails to New York Mets beat writer, Adam Rubin. Rubin announced on Twitter Monday, that he would be leaving the world of journalism to explore another professional avenue.

The Long Island native spent 13 of his 15 years covering the Metropolitans for the NY Daily News. In 2013, he left the Daily News to join ESPN New York as a staff writer. He is a graduate of UPENN Wharton School of Business.

Known for his love/hate relationship with his Twitter followers, Rubin spoke positively about his experience while covering the Mets.

One incident he has refrained from mentioning is a feud that Rubin had with former GM Omar Minaya.

The feud began after Rubin had reported on an incident involving, at the time, assistant general manager, Tony Bernazard. The report stated that Bernazard went on a tirade, removing his shirt and challenging Binghamton Mets players to a fight. Not the first incident involving Bernazard, and it wouldn’t be the last before his termination in 2009.

When the press conference for the Bernazard termination took place, Omar Minaya refuted the report of Rubin, insinuating that Rubin was attempting to gain a position within the Mets organization. An accusation that would leave Rubin flabbergasted.

Whether you loved or hated Rubin’s work, he was certainly in tune with the interworking of the Mets franchise during his tenure as a beat writer. His stories were insightful and at times, the type of scoops that drive you nuts as a fan. This was especially true during the Madoff scandal.

It takes a true professional to chase down stories and spend the better part of a year on the road covering one team every day. So for that, we say thank you Rubin, and good luck with your future endeavors.

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