The New York Knicks may have the better record, but the Brooklyn Nets are having a better season, and here’s why …

It is undeniable that this season has been a disappointment for both the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks.

One team is in the midst of a serious rebuild while the other is struggling with a roster of often injured players, that are unable to regain their all-star form.

The Nets record stands at a demoralizing 9-40 and because of the ill-advised Pierce/Garnett trade, they have no hopes of landing the overall number one pick in the draft. That alone should be enough for the Knicks to secure the better season by a landslide, but somehow that isn’t the case.

Despite it already known that the Knickerbockers are the city’s team and will finish with the better record this season, that doesn’t mean they’re equipped with the brighter future. In fact, is are the Brooklyn Nets who own the future.

Page by page, we’ll analyze why this is the case:

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