New York Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis throws it all over Dwight Howard (Video)

During a Sunday matinee in Atlanta, New York Knicks youngster Kristaps Porzingis humiliates Dwight Howard with this thunderous dunk.

If there’s ever a way to gain revenge on a guy in the NBA, this is how it’s done.

Remember a year ago, during the rookie season of Kristaps Porzingis when Dwight Howard threw one nasty dunk down on the stud Latvian?

Well, KP just picked up his revenge. 

During Sunday’s matinee in Atlanta, the New York Knicks phenom just humiliated Howard with a poster dunk to die for. Thanks to a Brandon Jennings feed, KP took on the “fake tough guy” and threw it down with one hand while Howard sent Porzingis to the floor in a vicious fashion.

Better yet, Dwight was called for a flagrant on the play.

This was, perhaps, the greatest revenge dunk in the history of the NBA’s regular season.

As far as the actual game is concerned, the Knicks trail the Hawks by a single point with 3:44 remaining in the third quarter.