Carmelo Anthony wearing a combo Yankees-Mets hat is the nail in the coffin (Video)

With this latest Melodrama taking hold, New York Knicks captain Carmelo Anthony wearing a combo Yankees-Mets hat is worrisome, indeed.

Well, this is it. This is the final nail in the coffin.

We all know the irrational Carmelo Anthony lovers out there would never turn. Their heads are so far up somewhere no rational thinking could ever break through. 

The Melo haters? Well, the same goes for them.

Now, after his latest postgame interview, those middle-ground fans may have finally made their choice on whether or not he should stay or go.

Check out the video above. Melo, while speaking to the press after the New York Knicks thrilling 110-107 victory over the Charlotte Hornets on Friday night, did so wearing a combination New York Yankees – New York Mets hat.


If you’re a true New Yorker, you know it’s impossible to root for both teams. While they aren’t true rivals, maintaining loyalty to one or the other is the only true Big Apple way.

I guess Melo didn’t get the memo. Perhaps his moving to Baltimore at a young age clouded that New York grittiness some may think he possesses.

For me, this is the final nail in the coffin. Ship him out of here and start the rebuild around young Kristaps Porzingis.

H/T Twitter, @nyknicks