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Stats that should make you optimistic about the 2017 New York Yankees


Shockingly enough, the 2016 Yankees — a team that sold at the deadline — pulled within one game of a postseason spot.

Yes, there are tons of “ifs” that surround them this season, but there was a distinctive vibe in Yankee-land after the Baby Bombers made last season seem like a dawn of a new era rather than an immense failure.

After trading its best hitter (Carlos Beltran) and the best relievers in baseball at the deadline, New York went 32-26 (.552 win percentage) including a near-perfect August that brought them from mediocrity into relevancy.

That was also a team that lacked consistency in its rotation, an effective first baseman and a slow start from their powerful young right fielder.

A lot of people, like myself, are figuring this team won’t compete, but if Gary Sanchez demonstrated anything from his historic surge, it’s that these Baby Bombers may be too inexperienced to know any better.

If the rotation holds its own and the endless potential of the offense is showcased, there’s no reason to believe this Yankees’ squad can’t do what others are saying they won’t: contend for a postseason spot in 2017.