The ‘New York Daily News’ comes up with gold regarding Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson (Photo)

The brilliant minds over at the “New York Daily News” came up with a golden back page involving Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson.

Leave it up to those brilliant minds at the New York Daily News to one-up everybody in the media. 

By now, you’ve seen the image above. The News has New York Knicks captain Carmelo Anthony in a Los Angeles Clippers jersey, donning his No. 7. In the bottom right is Knicks boss Phil Jackson, the mad scientist who’s looking to trade away his best scorer for next to nothing.

Naturally, all of the Melo lovers in the Twitter-verse will blame Frank Isola and Stefan Bondy. They, of course, represent the root of all things New York City basketball evil.

But then clearer heads prevail and those who actually understand the game and this current situation realize the only way up for the Knickerbockers is to shed player and cap space for the future.

As of right now, the latest MeloDrama continues.

H/T Twitter, @TomBiersdorf