Jeff Hornacek

Phil Jackson was reportedly leaning towards naming his longtime assistant Kurt Rambis head coach of the Knicks before Jeff Hornacek blew him away in an interview. Rambis stayed on as Hornacek’s lead assistant. It’s only been half of a season for Hornacek in New York, but he already seems like a good fit.

Hornacek has proven he’s not afraid to make difficult changes to the rotation or bench key players when they aren’t effective. The coach has handled numerous adverse situations (like Derrick Rose going AWOL) with poise.

The triangle offense hasn’t been at the forefront nearly as much as it was with Derek Fisher at the helm. Last season, the Knicks were dead last in pick and roll ball handler possessions, but at this point in 2016-17, they’re ranked 20th in the league (via It may not seem like a huge leap, but it is.