Young New York Knicks fan consoles Carmelo Anthony after missed game-winner (Video)

It'll be ok, Melo ?

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Watch this young New York Knicks fan console a disheartened Carmelo Anthony after missing the game-winner against the Phoenix Suns.

We have now entered the disheartened stage. 

At first, fans were mad. New York Knicks players, fans and coaches alike were all angry about the way the team was playing. They couldn’t stand for it.

Now, after another horrid loss at the buzzer, the squad has entered the sympathetic stage of lousy. No such scene exemplifies this more than what transpired on Saturday night.

After Carmelo Anthony missed the game-winning 3-pointer against the Phoenix Suns, he collapsed on the scorer’s table only to have a young fan’s consolation (video above).

Even Jeff Hornacek came over in support. How could you not after such a shot circle around every part of the rim only to fall harmlessly off?

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