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Bearing gifts, Gary Sanchez surprises New York Yankees fans (Video)

New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez surprised a pair of fans in their apartment on Monday bearing gifts and tickets for the 2017 season.

While many had off work on Monday thanks to Martin Luther King Day, New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez was as busy as a bee.

He started off his day by making sandwiches at a deli nearby Yankee Stadium and then visited some fans at their own apartment.

Sanchez showed up at the home of Cecilia and Michael Warren where he provided them with four tickets for next season as well as a goody bag which featured baseballs and a Yankee cap.

This was just the beginning of the first ever “Yankees Winter Warm-Up” where many of the Yankees major league talent and top prospects will be participating in events around New York City to connect the younger players to NYC with the help of some veteran teammates.

If you are a Yankee fan living in New York City this week, be sure that you are on the lookout for a member of the pinstripes in your area.



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