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Bench play could be a strength for the 2017 New York Yankees

Ronald Torreyes

Ronald Torreyes, or the “Little Engine That Could,” played exceptionally well as a utility infielder in 2016, backing up his tiny figure with some big play.

Not seeing much playing time until August 19, Torreyes slashed .299/.337/.442 with his first home run over his final 30 games of the season.

Overall, however, Torreyes trumped the league’s average fielding percentage at third base by 20 points while showing the ability to play second, short and even some right field.

He plays the role of a feisty utility man that flys under the radar, but nevertheless has a huge bearing on a team’s fate.

Whenever guys like Torreyes are called upon, and the number of situations is petite, they are expected to perform as though they are in the lineup on a daily basis.

Having a guy to go to and know they’ll give you a solid glove at any position and who has shown the ability to give you a solid at-bat. is extremely valuable for a team with a mix of aging veterans and growing youngsters.