In-game adjustments

The 2015 World Series was a nightmare for Terry Collins, he looked overmatched as a manager.

The lasting memory of that series will forever be Matt Harvey talking his way into pitching the ninth inning of Game 5. Which ended up being the deciding game of the series.

This can’t happen.

If the Mets are going to get over that hump and become champions. Terry needs to be the authority when it comes to in-game decisions. Adjustments are his biggest weakness. This was apparent during the 2015 World Series and for a majority of the 2016 Regular Season.

Collins will need to be consistent with defensive alignments when to walk batters, when to pitch hit, when to double switch, all areas where he has failed in the past. Terry has done enough to win the locker room, the players believe in him as a manager, a huge achievement.

Now is the time for him to perfect his craft of managing. If he’s able to master that then he can bring that elusive World Series back to Queens.

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