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Early offensive stat projections for the 2017 New York Yankees

Starlin Castro

  • PA: 624
  • AVG: .272
  • HR: 18
  • OBP: .305
  • SLG%: .419
  • RBI: 78

While this isn’t the Starlin Castro of 2011 or anything close to Robinson Cano, his projection for 2017 is still lightyears ahead of what they had in between the two natives of the Dominican Republic (Brian Roberts and Stephen Drew).

With a career-high 21 home runs in his first year sporting Yankee pinstripes, the Dominican-born righty became one of just four Yankees’ second baseman to hit 20 home runs in a single season, joining Cano, Joe Gordon and Alfonso Soriano.

No, he’s not projected to hit that mark in 2017, but his 78 RBIs will be the most from the position since 2014 while his home runs will be second to none other than himself.

Again, not going to overwhelm the opposition nor be an All-Star (apparently) but he will make an impact and if he could avoid swinging at pitches in the left-hander’s batter’s box, New York won’t be disappointed by his output.