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Early offensive stat projections for the 2017 New York Yankees

Gary Sanchez

  • PA: 499
  • AVG: .255
  • HR: 27
  • OBP: .313
  • SLG%: .490
  • RBI: 82

Gary Sanchez has become “must-watch” TV and is the most anticipated Yankee of 2017.

We’ve heard it all: next Babe Ruththe Yankees “savior,” and more. It’s justifiable, as we’ve really never seen anything like his first year in major league baseball, but these expectations must tamper.

No one in their right mind should expect him to smack the 60-plus home runs he was on pace or put up record-breaking numbers. It’s foolish.

But he certainly displayed a professional approach with incredible power that should translate well over the course of 162 games.

27 home runs and 82 RBIs? Judging by the fact that the traded Carlos Beltran led the team with 22 home runs and Didi Gregorius led the RBI category (70), manager Joe Girardi would unquestionably take it.