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Early offensive stat projections for the 2017 New York Yankees

Brett Gardner

  • PA: 587
  • AVG: .254
  • HR: 11
  • OBP: .336
  • R: 76
  • SB: 15
  • RBI: 50

One of the aspects of Brett Gardner’s game that has regularly shown up was his ability to get on base.

In 2016, he maintained the third highest of his career (.351) but did finish with a career-low in OPS (.713) and stolen bases (.713)— not considering his minimal appearances in ’08 and ’12.

As the calendar turns and Gardner approaches age 34, FanGraphs projects him to decline to career-lows in batting average, runs scored, OBP and stolen bases — a devastating occurrence.

If this projection turns out to be true, then New York — instead of getting value in a deal now — may have to settle for a petty return if they want to shave what’s left of his $52 million contract as his value wouldn’t be any higher than it is now.

This downfall in what seems to be his greatest ability could also pave the way fro the highly touted Clint Frazier — depending on how he fairs in a full year of Triple-A.

Last season, he slashed a mere .228/.335/.447 but his skills are freakishly abnormal (in a good way) and he should have a legitimate shot at a call-up if Gardner has this type of year.