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Seattle Seahawks WR Paul Richardson makes an incredible TD catch (Video)

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Paul Richardson made a one-handed catch against Detroit that would have Odell Bekcham Jr. blushing.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Paul Richardson got his team on the board early and did so in style. Richardson ran a corner route on a 4th-and-goal and went soaring through the air to make an insane catch one-handed catch (video above).

After Russell Wilson used his mobility to escape the pressure, he would then loft one to Richardson, praying his receiver would go up and make a play. He did just that.

Even with the defender grabbing his shoulder and shielding his eyes, somehow, someway, No. 10 reached across his body with one arm to haul the ball in for a touchdown.

Both Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth couldn’t believe it. They even referred to the great Odell Beckham Jr. catch that all New York Giants fans certainly remember.

While clearly Richardson should have been called for a facemask or offensive pass interference, it does not take away from how great of a catch it was and the momentum it provided Seattle.