The New York Mets have had plenty of success since 2015. But with some internal and external moves, the 2017 World Series wouldn’t be far off.

After resigning star outfielder Yoenis Cespedes to what finally looks like a permanent contract, the New York Mets have been able to largely keep together a squad that has made the postseason in consecutive years for just the second time in team history.

Jay Bruce and Curtis Granderson, who have been surrounded by swirling trade rumors all offseason, are still on the roster and project to round out the Mets outfield with Yo.

The starting staff, which was 60 percent injured by the conclusion of 2016, is looking as though they’ll be fully healthy when Spring Training arrives come March. Former top prospect and two-year rotation participant Zack Wheeler is coming off his second full season missed following Tommy John surgery, but even he projects to at least begin 2017 in the bullpen.

Speaking of the ‘pen, MLB saves leader Jeurys Familia is likely to be suspended by the league after an alleged domestic violence incident that officially ended following the dropping and expunging of a simple assault charge at the request of his wife.

His probable absence leaves the closer job to setup man Addison Reed, and will push everyone a slot up, including Josh Smoker and Hansel Robles.

But although general manager Sandy Alderson has been very quiet to this point, there is still a large portion of the hot stove that still needs to burn.

So here’s five internal and external moves the Mets could make to improve their chances at a World Series title in 2017.


  1. And what will we have to give the Athletics for Doolittle, The Orioles for Brach, The Cardinals for Rosenthal or Rangers for Jeffries? Also, take a look at Blackman’s stats outside of Colorado, he’s not an elite centerfielder that would require two or more of our top starting picthers and/or prospects.

    • Well Grandy for Brach straight up is the most plausible, but those other teams would be interested in him too combined with lower level prospects. Jeffries and Rosenthal are both without concrete late inning roles, so it would be very possible to grab them. And Blackmon actually had a .926 OPS and five more home runs away from Colorado in only seven more games.

      • He definitely had a strong road game last year but his three year average (including last year) is -.67 for BA, -.79 for OBP and -1.64 for SLG.

        Plus, over the past 3 yrs at Citi, he’s only tallied a .216 avg/.275 obp/ .351 slg/.626 ops with O HR, O RBI. That worries me

  2. Regarding Conforto, remember who his manager is…give him a washed up veteran any day of the week rather than let a player with a bad game or two have a chance to start. Hell, I even remember a day after Wilmer Flores drove in 6 that he was benched the next game.