Mar 9, 2015; Port St. Lucie, FL, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Zack Wheeler (45) throws against the Miami Marlins during the spring training baseball game at Tradition Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

RHP Zack Wheeler

As for Zack Wheeler, he’ll need a lot of care due to the fact he has not pitched in the MLB in over two years. Wheeler was expected to return in 2016, but had multiple setbacks from Tommy John surgery, ultimately leading to his shutting down.

#45 was once highly praised as the Mets best young arm, and will look to prove doubters wrong by showing he is capable of being a high end talent in the majors again.

The Mets are hoping for the righty to be what they thought he would eventually become following a trade for him in return for Carlos Beltran. They’ll need to be very cautious with a guy who’s been out of the league for so long though.

Wheeler should throw two innings per start in his Spring Training campaign to allow him to gain command, velocity and a feel for throwing at a high level again.

As for the regular season, the Mets should let Wheeler pitch in the bullpen for a month or two, giving him a chance to get accustomed to Major League batters and to let him find his confidence again.

The righty should also be limited to no more than 180 total innings pitched so the Mets don’t make the same mistake they did with Mr. Harvey last season.