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Yankees’ New Year’s resolutions for the 2017 season

  • Player: Aaron Judge
  • Resolution: Figure out major league pitching

An Aaron Judge at his greatest potential could help the Yankees’ lineup become a well-oiled machine. The catch is, Judge still has some proving to do.

Along with striking out in exactly half of his at-bats, the monstrous slugger set the Yankees’ record for the most strikeouts (42) within a player’s first 27 games. But my goodness gracious when he made contact …

Judge’s average exit velocity on batted balls, according to Statcast, was 96.82 miles an hour. MLB’s average for 2016 was 89.57. The average distance his batted balls traveled was 249.67 feet while the average in baseball was 218.08.

His average generated velocity was 8.00 m.p.h. The league average was 1.45.

Basically, when Judge makes contact, the ball flies. When pitchers hook him with a curveball, he looks foolish. In this new year, the mammoth of an outfielder is out to prove that he has the ability to channel his “Hulk power.”